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Questions for your Health Insurance

The following is a list of questions to ask your health insurance provider before you receive mental health services at Outlook Counseling Services, PLLC:

  1. Are mental health benefits covered under my insurance plan?
  2. Does my insurance plan manage my mental health benefits or does it outsource to another agency?
  3. Do I need pre-authorization from my insurance company before I can see a mental health professional?
  4. Do I have a deductible for services?
  5. Are there co-payments or co-insurance for services?
  6. Can I see providers at Outlook Counseling Services, LLC- provider Jeanette De Marshimun, LCSW.10526 W Cermak Rd Westchester, IL 60154 (708) 735-9081.
  7. Will these services be considered in- or out-of-network?
  8. Are there any visit limits on my coverage for my mental health benefits?


Glossary of health insurance terms:

Deductible:  The amount you must pay before your health insurance company starts to pay for care, for example, $1000 per individual.  In most cases, a new deductible must be satisfied each calendar year.

Co-payment:  A fixed dollar amount designated by your insurance that is your responsibility.  The amount would depend on your benefit plan and would be the same each time.

Co-insurance:  The part of your bill, which may be additional to a co-payment.  Co-insurance is a percentage of your total allowable, for example, 20%.

In-network:  The agency has a contract with the insurance company and provides you with care and submits your claim directly to the insurance.

Out-of-Network:  The agency is not contracted with the insurance company to provide you with treatment, but insurance may cover some of the cost.  You are then responsible for the rest.

Non-Covered Charges:  These are costs for therapy that your insurance does not pay.