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"Todos llevamos dentro una 
insospechada fuerza, que emerge 
cuando la vida nos pone a prueba."

"We all have an unsuspected reserve 
of strength inside that emerges when
life puts us to the test."

-Isabel Allende-

"Trauma is not what happens to us,
 but what we hold inside in the 
absence of an empathetic witness."

-Peter A. Levine

"Don't wait around for other people
to be happy for you. Any happiness
you get you've got to make yourself."

-Alice Walker-

Culturally-Responsive / Trauma-Sensitive Therapy

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Thank You for visiting us and for taking the first steps toward the self-assurance and confidence that you have been seeking. We understand that happiness is not only a concept but also an expectation and a right in everyone's life. At Outlook Counseling Services, PLLC, we strive to assist you in your mental health care and to help you create a realistic path toward self-fulfillment.

We take a holistic, caring and individualized approach to therapy by actively listening to you and constructively engaging with you on any obstacles that may be preventing you from achieving what you desire most for yourself as a person.

We have a long history of providing integrative care with several evidence-based interventions, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which is highly regarded as the most effective treatment option for a wide range of conditions. Whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, anger issues, grief, or general discontent and frustration, we are here to provide a warm and calm therapeutic environment to not only discuss but to overcome whatever may be affecting you.

Thank you so much and please contact us as soon as you would like to embark on your journey.

We are here to help!


Gracias por visitarnos y por dar los primeros pasos hacia la seguridad y la confianza que ha estado buscando. Entendemos que la felicidad no es solo un concepto, sino también una expectativa y un derecho en la vida de todos. En Outlook Counseling Services, PLLC, nos esforzamos por ayudar con su salud mental y para ayudarle a crear un camino realista hacia la autorrealización. Adoptamos un enfoque holístico, solidario e individualizado para la terapia, escuchándolo activamente y comprometiéndonos de manera constructiva con usted en cualquier obstáculo que pueda estar impidiendo que logre lo que más desea para usted como persona.

Tenemos una larga historia de brindar atención integral con varias intervenciones basadas en evidencia, incluyendo la terapia cognitivo conductual (TCC) una terapia altamente considerada como la opción de tratamiento más eficaz para varias condiciones. Esta terapia es un método concreto, flexible basado en la evidencia científica, en el que el terapeuta y usted están discutiendo y trabajando de manera proactiva para modificar los pensamientos, sentimientos y comportamientos negativos para aliviar dolor emocional de traumas, panico y lidiar con los problemas que lo han llevado a buscar ayuda. Ya sea que esté experimentando ansiedad, depresión, duelo, problemas de ira y frustración general, estamos aquí para brindar un ambiente terapéutico, cálido y tranquilo para no solo discutir, sino para superar cualquier cosa que pueda estar afectando su bienestar.

¡Estamos aquí para ayudar!

What our clients have to say

“Hands Down one of the best therapist out there. She is caring, understanding, and very helpful. She has helped me through very difficult times. Thanks to her I feel better than I did a year ago. I’ve recommended a friend to come see her, and they even say they feel so much better and it's only been a few sessions. If you are looking for a new therapist look no further. You will not be disappointed.”


“I cannot say enough good things about my experience at Outlook Counseling Services, LLC. My therapist has been very helpful. I feel emotionally stable and cope better with everyday life challenges.”


“Ms. De Marshimun is very patient and insightful. She really helped me in areas of my life that I have found challenging. I recommend her highly.”


“Excellent work”


“Outlook helps you to have a different outlook, literally. Jeanette is so easy to talk to and not shy to point out areas where growth could be helpful. Smart, trustworthy, and caring. I love it here.”


“Only have great things to say! Jeanette is always passionate and attentive to my needs after each visit I leave feeling so much better. I would definitely recommend family and friends who may need to talk to someone. No matter what the issue is Jeanette is a great listener and non-judgmental. She makes you feel as comfortable as possible. I appreciate that!”



About Outlook Counseling Services, PLLC

Our practice is focused on delivering trauma and culturally informed care to the community. We pride ourselves in building a collaborative relationship with our clients, and in providing holistic, integrative, evidence-based treatments to ensure they can overcome the obstacles they are facing in their lives. Our therapists offer individual therapy to adults in a warm, safe, and welcoming environment.

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