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Anger Management

Anger Management in Westchester, IL.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy techniques have been shown to be very effective for anger management and often represent the treatment of choice. 

Our resident psychotherapist, Jeanette De Marshimun, LCSW, is a trained and certified Anger Management Specialist-II. As a psychotherapist, she can provide anger management classes as well as individual therapy for clients in need of court-mandated anger management treatment/classes. She is a member of the National Anger Management Association. Individual sessions are provided daily at the Westchester IL, location in English/Spanish. Westchester is a Chicago suburb a few minutes away from Berwyn, Cicero, Broadview and Hillside. Public transportation is available. We are located on Cermak Rd. and the Pace bus stops 1-1/2 blocks away from our location. 

By visiting this page you can better understand how a therapist utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anger Management.